Auxilium Global is the home of

philanthropic cryptocurrency Auxilium (AUX)

Together we can

change the world

Create positive change with Auxilium blockchain technology.

We are Auxilium Global, a philanthropic cryptocurrency company with a goal to tackle the world’s ills. It’s a big ask, but with the power of a strong cryptocurrency and a caring community of coinholders, we know we can make a difference.

Auxilium (AUX) is our unique and innovative coin which we started developing end of 2017. AUX is a customized Ethereum fork which means it offers the same functionality as Ethereum (e.g. smart contract and token creation). But there is more!

AUX has an independent blockchain and network. The AUX Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus with AUX Interest Distribution (AID) platform give our cryptocurrency exceptional advantages over traditional Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies.

AUX is more secure, fast, cost-efficient, easily scalable, user- and environmentally friendly (CO2-neutral) than many other coins and tokens. Additionally it’s the only cryptocurrency that offers its holders fair monthly rewards while at the same time contributing to charities.

Innovation meets philanthropy

Auxilium isn’t limited to for-profit blockchain initiatives. We create and invest in
philanthropic projects, our technology is environmentally friendly and
we pay up to 8% interest to coinholders.


We and our community of coinholders care about a better future. As Auxilium gains value we’ll have more resources to fund philanthropic projects.

Our use cases


Our unique block validation system means Auxilium is secure and highly unlikely to fall victim to 51% attacks.

More innovation


Just because we don’t mine, that doesn’t mean we don’t pay rewards. Auxilium coinholders receive up to 8% interest every year.

About rewards


Mining Bitcoin uses as much energy as it takes to power Switzerland for a year. Auxilium’s network uses as little energy as a stovetop hotplate.

More advantages

Auxilium Specifications

The Auxilium network – counting nodes in 7 countries presently – is fully independent. This means it does not rely on peers/nodes from other platforms or community members. Nodes in France, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Singapore and United States create a stable and secure network.

Our smart contract platform and token creation platform offers a lot of extra functionality for Auxilium Global and other organisations who utilise the Auxilium blockchain and network. The Auxilium Interest Distribution (AID) platform is a unique feature that rewards AUX-holders with a fixed monthly interest while simulataneously contributing to charities.

  • Ticker: AUX
  • Start development: October 2017
  • Listed: August 2018
  • Consensus: Auxilium PoA
  • Algorithm: Keccak
  • Blocktime: 10 seconds
  • Epoch: 30,000 blocks
  • Circ. Supply: 107 million AUX
  • Max. Supply: 300 million AUX
  • Rewards: 8% per annum

Coin distribution

Coin Performance

Coin price performance for AUX

$ 232,444










300 Million