Auxilium Global is the home of philanthropic cryptocurrency Auxilium

Together we can

change the world

Create positive change with Auxilium blockchain technology.

The company

We are Auxilium Global, a philanthropic cryptocurrency company with a goal to solve the world’s problems. It’s a big ask, but with the power of a strong cryptocurrency and a caring community of coinholders, we know we can make a difference.

Through the use of our capital gains, and blockchain, we’ll support, promote and direct philanthropic work around the globe.

The cryptocurrency

Auxilium (AUX) is the coin of our company. Auxilium is an independent blockchain and network which MainNet went live back in June 2018 (without conducting an ICO).

It’s an Ethereum fork which means it offers the same functionality as Ethereum (i.e. smart contract, dApp and token creation). On top of that customizations give AUX exceptional advantages over traditional cryptocurrencies.

Innovation meets philanthropy

Auxilium tackles technological challenges many traditional cryptocurrencies face and socio-economic challenges that concern many people, animals and the environment.

Unique innovation

Auxilium is an independent coin and platform offering all the same features found in Ethereum, including smart contracts, dApps, and tokenization. In addition, our unique block validation system offers greater security, faster transactions, more cost-efficiency and simpler paths to scalability than tradition Proof of Work and Proof of Stake cryptocurrencies. Finally, Auxilium currently has the most environmentally friendly blockchain and network in the world, and we will endeavour to keep it that way.

More advantages

Fair reward system

Auxilium is the only cryptocurrency currently that offers its holders truly fair monthly rewards, which don’t require mining or staking. This is made possible with the use of our unique and innovative, Auxilium Interest Distribution (AID) platform. Most cryptocurrencies that provide interest to their holders in the form of mining or staking, unfairly weight the amount of interest rewarded based on the holder’s computing skills, financial standing and ability to leave one or more computers on 24/7.

Start earning AUX

Real world use cases

Not only does Auxilium tackle technological challenges many cryptocurrencies face we also tackle socio-economic challenges, by: 1) building for-profit businesses that feed profits back into Auxilium Global to help people and animals both directly and indirectly; 2) building not-for-profit businesses that help people and animals both directly and indirectly, and 3) provide funding, resources and mentoring to like-minded people interested in helping others through a business, co-op or as an individual.

Use cases

Auxilium Specifications

  • Ticker: AUX
  • Start development: October 2017
  • Listed: August 2018
  • Consensus: Auxilium PoA
  • Algorithm: Keccak
  • Blocktime: 10 seconds
  • Epoch: 30,000 blocks
  • Circ. Supply: 117,272,598 AUX
  • Max. Supply: 300,000,000 AUX
  • Rewards: 8% per annum
  • Auxilium PoA (increasing security, transaction speed, cost-efficiency, scalability and environmentally friendliness)
  • AID platform
  • Smart contracts
  • Solidity Programming language
  • Dapps
  • Support and creation of not-for-profit philanthropic projects and charities

Coin distribution

Use cases

Examples of the many real world use cases.

Crowdfunding platform

Auxilium Global will vet all crowdfunding initiatives and make sure smart contracts will ensure payments are safe, transparent and fair. Additionally smart contracts tackle redundancy. Making donating a most (cost-) efficient process, maximizing benefits for the crowdfunding party.

Education platform

A borderless education platform that will make it easier for people to access learning materials, follow courses, find a teacher, etc. People worldwide will be able to share their knowledge and get rewarded. While others will be able to access this information for a minimal fee or free.

Business cooperations

Our technology is ideal for companies who want to create a more fraud resistant, (cost-)efficiënt, automated and sustainable business with borderless and trustworthy payments. Implementations could include: secure, fast, low-fee payments, smart contracts and customized utility tokens.

Partners & Listings


  • The very beginning

    A group of like-minded individuals – community members of an abandoned cryptocurrency project at the time – came together to discuss how they could improve the existing project. They – including the current co-founder/directors – decided to start their own cryptocurrency.

  • 4th quarter

    In October 2017 blockchain agency Applicature became the official partner of Auxilium cryptocurrency in their mission to combine technology with philanthropy. Social media accounts were created and a basic website was developed. The project started to shape.

  • 1st quarter

    Launch desktop wallets for Windows, MacOS and Linux based upon Auxilium Proof of Stake, on top of Ethereum code-base. TestNet with community volunteers. Monitoring performance blockchain and network.

  • 2nd quarter

    Adjustments based on TestNet findings and preparations for MainNet. Decided Auxilium Proof of Authority consensus with Auxilium Interest Distribution platform was the best fit for Auxilium Global looking at the technological advantages and socio-economic use case potential.

  • 3rd quarter

    First community welcomed to Auxilium through an optional swap between SPRTS (at that time abandoned) and AUX. SPRTS burned. Followed by our first exchange listing: AUX/BTC and AUX/ETH on Mercatox cryptocurrency exchange. Listings on Coinmarketcap and similar followed.

  • 4th quarter

    Second round of community building through an airdrop resulted in a fast increase in community size. Many cointracker/marketcap, news and calendar websites listed Auxilium. Including crypto portfolio apps Delta and Blockfolio.

  • 1st quarter

    Dotted the final i’s and crossed the t’s concerning company incorporation and documentation. Started development of new desktop wallet with desired full functionality (i.e. smart contacts, dapps, tokens, and more). New community airdrop initiated.

  • 2nd quarter

    Network upgraded, resulting in more stability. New desktop wallet launched with full functionality for Windows, MacOS and Linux users. Started new branding ideas for a more fresh and recognizable look. Community increasing fast to 7,500 members on Telegram chat.

  • 3rd quarter

    Applying to multi-coin wallets to increase our reach. Starting with and Binance mobile TrustWallet. Finalizing academic whitepaper and additional legal documentation. Sending out listing applications to top tier cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • 4th quarter

    Listing applications hardware wallets like Trezor. Starting community building phase 5 through airdrop and referrals. Looking into IEO on potential new top tier cryptocurrency exchange. Network expansion in preparation of anticipated increased usage.

  • Q1 – Q4

    Build and launch Auxilium mobile wallet. Start partnering with business to start new Auxilium blockchain based projects. Build and launch a crowdfunding platform that runs on the Auxilium blockchain and network. Listed on at least 2 top tier exchanges.

  • Q1 – Q4

    Launch our own education platform that runs on the Auxilium blockchain and network. Implement Auxilium blockchain in online store(s) and/or launch own online store. Listed on at least 3 top tier cryptocurrency exchanges.

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