Auxilium wallets

Free wallets for AUX users

Auxilium wallet downloads

Auxilium offers desktop wallets for Windows, Linux and MacOS. The desktop wallets also allow creation of a paper wallet which is ideal for offline storage of your AUX. If you’re not trading on exchange(s) regularly we advise to store your AUX on a personal address which can be created within these desktop wallets.

All users with AUX on a personal address will receive monthly interest via the AID platform. The AID platform pays all our coinholders up to 8% interest per annum just for holding coins. From that 8%, coinholders give back: 0.64% goes to our charity fund for philanthropic projects and 0.64% goes to Auxilium research and development for for-profit use case development.

Desktop wallets

The Auxilium desktop wallet offers tons of functionality

  • View & send with multiple additional options
  • Smart contracts
  • Token creation
  • TX status with blockchain explorer integration
  • Broadcasting transactions
  • Sign & verify messages
  • Paper wallet
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Fast sync up with Auxilium network
  • 8% annual reward
  • Offline rewards
Windows wallet

Linux wallet

MacOS wallet


Paper wallet

The paper wallet option is integrated in the desktop wallet.

Windows paper wallet

MacOS paper wallet

Linux paper wallet

AUX wallet listings

Mobile wallet application in process