Use cases

Crowdfunding platform

While admiring the good things ‘Go Fund Me’ and other crowdfunding platforms do to help support people in need, it’s still a for-profit venture. Auxilium would like to give people an alternative. Auxilium’s crowd-funding site will be not-for-profit, which means the fees earned from users starting campaigns and supporters making pledges would go towards our charity fund. Not only do they want to create their own philanthropic projects, but also support other great initiatives.

As philanthropic cryptocurrency company Auxilium will vet all crowdfunding initiatives and make sure smart contracts will ensure 1) safe (i.e. the Auxilium PoA consensus makes AUX cryptocurrency the least vulnerable to 51% attacks), 2) transparent (i.e. donations are traceable at all times) and 3) fair (i.e. contracts will only be executed when both parties follow set agreements) payments.

Additionally smart contracts tackle redundancy. Making donating a most (cost-) efficient process, maximizing benefits (i.e. lowering listing fees and increasing margins) for the crowdfunding party. The platform will allow individuals to create an account, pay with AUX, receive invoices and receipts (for instance for tax deduction), interact with the founders of the philanthropic projects, and more.

Education platform

Good education is one of the most critical components for a thriving society. Auxilium’ aim is to create an online (thus borderless) education platform that will make it easier for people to access information and learning materials, follow courses, find a teacher/tutor, etc.

People worldwide will be able to share their knowledge and get rewarded. While others – who seek education – will be able to access this information for a minimal fee or free (as content creators will have the opportunity to upload free content).

For the younger users of the platform there will be incentives for finishing homework tasks – in the form of tokens they can exchange for gifts from the webshop. Payments and rewards will run on the Auxilium blockchain, using AUX or a token created within the Auxilium network.

Anton Donker, co-founder and director of Auxilium Global, is an education expert with a decent network in the sector, which naturally opens doors to create such education platform.

Review platform

Auxilium is all for a fair and transparent cryptocurrency space. With increasing numbers of scams (e.g. the billion US Dollar Bitconnect scandal), and people falling victim to criminals (e.g. exchanges being hacked, people pretending to be company representatives) we feel it’s our obligation to create a review platform for coins, tokens, exchanges, company representatives, and others offering blockchain and cryptocurrency related services and products.

Everyone will have an equal chance to get listed for free. Unlike many websites Auxilium does not except payments for fake reviews, higher ranks, false advertising, etc.

Users of the platform will receive an amount of tokens that will be linked to their user account. They can reward other users for adding quality content or earn tokens themselves by improving the platform (e.g. add quality suggestions, content, reviews) or referring others to become a member and increase community strength. This review element might be integrated with the crowdfunding and education platform also.