Token platform

Auxilium Global has a lot of great blockchain, and non-blockchain, related ideas that will increase the strength of the ecosystem and help reach our business and philanthropic goals. Offering developers and “newbies” the opportunity to create tokens on our blockchain is one of them. Developers that master the Solidity programming language (the same programming language used by Ethereum) can easily deploy smart contracts and create their own tokens already. Auxilium Global will definitely utilise the Auxilium blockchain for creating utility tokens to elevate new projects. Examples of business expansion ideas that would benefit from a utility token: a crowdfunding platform, education platform, review & reward platform, and many more.

Benefits for AUX holders

Besides the monthly interest Auxilium (AUX) coin holders receive there are extra benefits once tokens are created on the Auxilium token platform

Buy Auxilium coins and benefit

Questions and answers

Do I need to take action to receive future tokens created by Auxilium Global?

No. You only need to send your AUX from the exchange to your (desktop) wallet. Once it’s in a wallet – outside of the exchanges – you’re set to receive new tokens.

What are the token specifications of these new tokens?

The token specifications – like the supply for instance – is not set yet. This all depends on the project and type of utility.

Do I get interest every month (like I do with AUX)?

The Auxilium Interest Distribution platform – for now – only distributes interest over the AUX coin holdings. The specifications, and features, of a newly created token on the Auxilium blockchain might differ.

Do I need to have a minimum amount of AUX to get free tokens?

No, everyone who holds AUX in an Auxilium wallet receives the same percentage of tokens. However, the absolute amount of tokens will be higher for those holding more AUX of course.

Will these newly created tokens be listed on an exchange?

The goal of Auxilium Global is to – when there is a decent opportunity – list the by us newly created tokens on an exchange. We don’t have control over the listing of tokens created by a third party.

Your business on our blockchain

It would not surprise us – if you have a business – that you’re interested in looking into opportunities to utilise blockchain technogy and smartcontracts to your advantage. We do however understand it might be a bit complex if you’re not a blockchain expert. Leaving you with tons of questions. Auxilium Global can offer a wide array of uitstanding services on the Auxilium blockchain. Our blockchain is the more secure, fair, fast, costefficient and environmentally friendly independent blockchain platform with smart contract, dApp and tokenization functionality. In short: we have all you need!