Auxilium Global Team


Anton Donker

Anton Donker

Co-founder & CEO

Anton has been practicing judo since he was a kid and lives the tenets of respect, discipline, trust and cooperation every day. He says it links naturally with his chosen profession – education pedagogy – and loves the opportunity to teach and interact with people of all ages and from all layers of society.

His philosophy of giving back through volunteering and teaching meshes neatly with Auxilium and his co-founder James’ goals of helping people and investing in future generations.

Anton has always been entrepreneurial. He started his own education company when he was a university student and today owns a number of online businesses.

James Litchfield

James Litchfield

Co-founder & CTO

James has always been an advocate for those struggling to help themselves, whether they’re animals or human beings. He’s a self-described dreamer who’s not afraid of hard work, especially if it helps him achieve his goal to dedicate his life to helping people and animals.

To that end he hopes the future holds two things: a block of land where he and his wife can live self-sufficiently, and plenty of time to spend developing philanthropic projects for Auxilium.

James has worked in IT for two decades as a systems administrator and web and app developer in small, medium and large organisations.

Like Anton, James has a real entrepreneurial flair and enjoys building something from nothing.

Become a volunteer

Auxilium Global has a strong team that bring partners and consultants. All work as volunteers with the goal to make Auxilium Global a success in order to support and create as many philanthropic projects around the globe as possible. We’re always open for applications of enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers. Volunteers start out as community volunteers. Over time community volunteers can become team members; if the directors choose to offer them this position based on dedication and results. Selected community volunteers will be mentioned on this website and will have access to more information about Auxilium. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) will be signed by both Auxilium Global and community volunteer to make sure this information is not leaked.