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Auxilium is a new cryptocurrency founded by Sprouts holders after Sprouts was abandoned by developers, and hyperinflation and lack of investments resulted in the coin being (near) worthless.

Auxilium Core Team consists of seven people from all over the world with complementary relevant skillsets. Auxilium is also backed by Applicature, a  global blockchain company. two of our team belong to Applicature.

Auxilium is a philanthropic green cryptocurrency. Read more about Auxilium.


Auxilium will likely be the first cryptocurrency to combine Ethereum with PoA and AID platform, within our unique and innovative code, which also includes smartcontracts.

PoA has many advantages over PoW and (PoW/)PoS (hybrid) coins, like: more environmentally friendly, more equality and more secure. Read more about the code.

Our unique code provides the opportunity to do real good to the world. Besides it offering an easy and save way for people to store and stake their coins it allows (near) limitless functionality for endless use cases. Varying from basic payments to complex smartcontract use on individual and global scale.

Everybody holding Sprouts can swap to Auxilium on the secure and easy to use swap platform that will be hosted on our website. After the swap Auxilium will be listed on exchange(s).

Before we swap we will first launch a testnet with volunteers from the community.

The swap period will be three weeks; this gives people 21 days to swap.

You can hold Sprouts on the exchange or in the Sprouts wallet pre swap.

Auxilium will premine 500 million coins which will be the starting total supply.

Of the pre mine 300 million coins will be available for Sprouts holders to swap, 120 million coins will be used for R&D Fundament (research and development fundament) to invest into further development, marketing, listing on exchanges, etc. of Auxilium for the first 3 years and 80 million coins are for the AID platform to distribute.

The swapped Sprouts will not be burnt as it will not benefit the people who swap. The coins will be kept and will be used to benefit the Sprouts holders who made the choice to swap to Auxilium.

The interest from the AID platform is 8% (of which 8% will go to ‘R&D Continuation’ and 8% to ‘Charity’) per annum. This reward will be split into smaller monthly rewards.

The 8% interest is divided into: 84% interest (for you), 8% Charity and 8% R&D Continuation.

Nobody knows what the starting value of Auxilium will be. Like every cryptocurrency this is not a given; we wish we had a crystal ball, but we don’t.

Certain is that you will have less coins, when swapping from Sprouts to Auxilium, but will most likely have at least the same total value of your holdings as you had before the swap. Less quantity (amount), more quality (value).

The swap ratio depends on the total supply at swap. On the 26th of January 100 million Sprouts will give you an estimated amount of 14 thousand Auxilium. This is a minimum amount. This amount could be (relatively) higher if not everybody swaps.

Auxilium will contact exchanges as soon as the code has been fully tested and the swap starts. Same for Coinmarketcap.

The Github will be made public after the swap.

Swapping to Auxilium is not an obligation, but an opportunity to be the first to obtain a cryptocurrency with unique and innovative code and a unique meaningful philosophy supported by many and maintained by a dedicated core team with a longterm vision.

Auxilium has the first version of the whitepaper online. This first version (v1) focusses mostly on the premine, technical details and road to the swap. We are busy creating V2, which will zoom in on the use cases.

We are active on twitter, facebook, telegram, discord, youtube, reddit and have a community forum. Check out the links in the main menu below ‘community’.

We have a lot of community members helping out. We appreciate the community not only supporting us, but also participating in helping to spread the word, create content, translate, moderate channels, etc. Please contact us so we can have a chat.