Roadmap Auxilium

We endeavour to keep the community as up to date and in the loop as possible through this roadmap page. Many ideas, plans and future projects are in the works and as each takes shape, we will bring them forward for discussion and refinement. We distinguish active development, short term goals and future goals. When completed and launch dates are available we’ll publish them. We believe Auxilium, and by proxy, Auxilium Global, has an incredibly bright and fresh future ahead, with no end of possibilities.


This is a to-do-list which we hope to solve/finish as soon as possible once we get back up and running in March 2021.


  • Mercatox exchange withdrawals/deposits
    Update 1st April: had a reply from Mercatox developers and looking into issue


  • Create and list WAUX (wrapped AUX) on UniSwap to add liquidity
    Update 9th April: meeting about token creation and listing on Saturday 10th April
    Tweet about update
    Update 11th April: roadmap created for UniSwap listing
    Tweet about update


  • Auxilium Interest Distribution for March 2021 [Completed]
    Update 18th April: AID distribution completed
    Tweet about update


  • AUXL token creation on Auxilium blockchain
  • AUXL distribution to airdrop participants and AUX holders
  • Get the forum back up and running