Roadmap Auxilium

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Auxilium goals

We endeavour to keep the community as up to date and in the loop as possible through this roadmap page.

Many ideas, plans and future projects are in the works and as each takes shape, we will bring them forward for discussion and refinement.

We distinguish active development, short term goals and future goals. When completed and launch dates are available we’ll publish them.

We believe Auxilium, and by proxy, Auxilium Global, has an incredibly bright and fresh future ahead, with no end of possibilities.

From latest-oldest

April 2019
Distribution third airdrop
Auxilium Interest Distribution

March 2019
Network upgrade
Launch new website
Integration Delta direct
Auxilium Interest Distribution

February 2019
Coindar listing
Auxilium Interest Distribution

January 2019
Auxilium Global official company incorporation
Review 2018
Auxilium Interest Distribution

December 2018
50 AUX holders bonus
Improved support section
Integration BitUniverse Link
Listing on Finexbox cryptocurrency exchange
Listing on BitUniverse blockfolio app
Listing on NusaX cryptocurrency exchange
Listing on Cryptocompare
Listing on Feixhao
Listing on Cryptoslate
Listing on Coinlore
Listing on Coincheckup
1 million AUX airdrop distribution
Listing Escodex decentralised cryptocurrency exchange
Auxilium Interest Distribution

November 2018
Listing Coingecko Beam
Auxilium Interest Distribution

October 2018
Listing on CoinMarketCap
Auxilium Interest Distribution

September 2018
Listing on BiteBTC cryptocurrency exchange
New Bitcointalk ANN
Website branding update
Auxilium Interest Distribution

August 2018
Listing on Mercatox cryptocurrency exchange
Listing on Coinmarketcal
Listing on Delta and Blockfolio app
Launch blockchain explorer

June 2018
Philanthropic gesture: optional swap SPRTS to AUX
June First wallet release AUX

September 2017 – March 2018
Partnership established with blockchain agency Applicature
Team formation

Active development

Whitepaper V1

Status: active

Completion status


An academic (white)paper about Auxiliums blockchain and network. It will provide a more in depth and technical view on Auxilium cryptocurrency.

Including an introduction to the cryptocurrency market, challenges, comparing Auxilium to other cryptocurrencies, etc.

Smart contract functionality

Status: active

Completion status


Auxilium has is it’s own platform with independent blockchain and network. It will be possible to create smart contracts.

Smart contracts will increase functionality and will open us to endless possibilities.

Tokenization functionality

Status: active

Completion status


As Auxilium has is it’s own platform, with independent blockchain and network, it will be possible to create tokens.


New desktop wallet

Status: active

Completion status


New desktop wallet with full functionality and stable connection.

Smart contract and token creation included.

Affiliate program

Status: active

Completion status


Creating a referral bot on Telegram with several tasks. Users will be able to gain AUX by performing one or more tasks.

To start with 2 million AUX will be made available.

Legal documentation

Status: active

Completion status


Final legal documentation.


Short-term goals

Listing major exchange

Project: short-term

Now we’ve our company properly incorporated our aim is to apply for a major cryptocurrency exchange. Before we do so we’ll make sure to check all requirements; and more.

Because of a possible non-disclore agreement (NDA) we’ll probably not be able to keep you updated as much as we want to.

Translations media

Project: short-term

Our goal is to reach as many people in the world as possible.

We’ll certainly do our very best to include more language options on our website and after that on other media. We’ll contact the community to volunteer for translating content.


Project: short-term

Auxilium is already the most environmentally friendly cryptocurrency. We have a zero carbon footprint thanks to the forests we plant around the globe every year to compensate for our minimal use of natural resources.

We aim to create a global reforestation movement through the Auxilium blockchain with possible user rewards. User reward implementation will likely rely on tokenization functionality on the Auxilium platform.

Future goals

Crowdfunding platform

Project: mid-term

Not only do we want to create our own philanthropic projects, but also support other great initiatives. As philanthropic cryptocurrency company we’ll vet all crowdfunding initiatives and make sure smart contracts will ensure safe, transparent and fair payments.

Launch tokens

Project: mid-term

After the tokenization functionality is reality we’ll launch a few of our own tokens that will be utilised on our platforms.

But also others will be able to create their own tokens with the benefits of our unique innovation.

We’ll be able to provide a token creation service for start-ups.

Browser wallet plugin

Project: mid-term

To provide our users, especially those without the possiblity to install the desktop wallet, with an extra option we’ll build a browser plugin.

The plugin can be installed on the internet browser and will function as a password protected wallet for the Auxilium (AUX) coins.

This also comes with the benefit of being able to view, transact and trade your balance when not at home.

Review platform

Project: long-term

We’re all for a fair and transparent cryptocurrency space. With increasing numbers of scams, and people falling victim to criminals we feel it’s our obligation to create a review platform for coins, tokens, exchanges, company representatives, and others offering blockchain and cryptocurrency related services and products.

Everyone will have an equal chance to get listed for free. Unlike many websites we’ll not except payments for fake reviews, higher ranks, false advertising, etc.

Education platform

Project: long-term

Good education is one of the most critical components for a thriving society. Our aim is to create an online education platform that will make it easier for people to access information and learning materials, follow courses, find a teacher/tutor, etc.

People world wide will be able to share their knowledge and get rewarded. While others will be able to access this information for a minimal fee or free (as content creaters will have the opportunity to upload free content).

Payments and rewards will run on the Auxilium blockchain, using AUX or a token created within the Auxilium network.


Project: long-term

We already have a concept for a fun strategic game utilising a token as incentive that will be created on the Auxilium blockchain.

One of the goals of this game will be to create awareness amongst players around the globe on subjects like: sustainability, fair-trade, human rights, etc.