Our Progress

We endeavour to keep the community as up to date and in the loop as possible. Many ideas, plans and future projects are in the works and as each takes shape, we will bring them forward for discussion and refinement.

We believe Auxilium, and by proxy, Auxilium Global, has an incredibly bright and fresh future ahead, with no end of possibilities.

How much good can be achieved? Just wait and see…

Auxilium is not just another cryptocurrency, it's a movement

Q3 2017: July – September

The very beginning

Start, later to become Auxilium, movement. First discussions through Slack to revive Sprouts cryptocurrency.

Q4 2017: October – December

Build Core Team
Current Core Team consists of 7 members with diverse skillsets living in 6 different countries: The Netherlands, Australia, Ukraine, Spain, Italy and USA. Auxilium is backed by a Blockchain Company of which a partner and a developer are within the Auxilium Team.

Whitepaper v1.0
Mainly focussing on introduction, premine and parameters (new) code.

Support Sprouts Holders
In order to protect the holdings of all Sprouts holders, in absence of the previous developers who abandoned the project, we invested in analyzing the current wallet, fixing bugs and making payments towards organizations (e.g. cryptoID) to keep Sprouts alive. We have been monitoring the code and markets to stay aware of the actual situation of Sprouts and the effects on holdings of Sprouts holders.

Social Media
Create awareness, inform and support on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Youtube and Reddit.

Q1 2018: January – March

Create Faucet
In order to test the wallets/code with “testcoins” we have built a faucet so active community forum members can obtain “test Auxilium” during their volunteer trial run of the Auxilium wallets.

Multilingual Discord
Discord with information, chat and support in 10 languages: English, Japanse, Korean, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

New logo and colour scheme fitting the philanthropic and green philosophy. A more vibrant and light feel. With greens and minimalist style to respectively symbolise the healthy/natural and the fair/transparent/non-materialistic.


Finish Coding Wallets
Auxilium is creating unique and innovate code and will be the first cryptocurrency (coin) to combine Ethereum’s code-base, PoS and Smartcontracts. Finish coding the Windows, Mac and Linux wallets for Auxilium. Brand new easy to install and use desktop wallets to safely store and stake Auxilium.

Swap Platform
To make the swap from Sprouts to Auxilium an easy and save process for Sprouts holders we have built a swap platform which will be hosted on our website as soon as the swap starts.

Q2 2018: April – June

Final TestNet
The last test before swap with volunteers from the community.

Whitepaper v2.0
Re-branding and adding information to whitepaper v1. Mostly addition information is focussing on use cases, code explanation, and team introduction.


Swap Sprouts for Auxilium
Swap period 21st of June – 11th July 2018. Swap platform will be hosted on our website. Auxilium wallets will be made available on same. Sprouts holders will have 3 weeks to swap to Auxilium on the swap platform.

Public Github
The Github code with the PoA will be made public before we list with one or more exchanges. We might hold (parts of) the Github private to protect our intellectual property.

Q3 2018: July – September

List on Coinmarketcap

List on Exchange(s)


Q4 2018: October – December