Roadmap Auxilium

We endeavour to keep the community as up to date and in the loop as possible through this roadmap page. Many ideas, plans and future projects are in the works and as each takes shape, we will bring them forward for discussion and refinement. We distinguish active development, short term goals and future goals. When completed and launch dates are available we’ll publish them. We believe Auxilium, and by proxy, Auxilium Global, has an incredibly bright and fresh future ahead, with no end of possibilities.

Development overview

Overview of elements within the Auxilium Global ecosystem in process and/or future elements that are already published as set plan.

Mobile wallet app.

The Auxilium mobile wallet allows you to store, send and receive AUX coins and tokens created on the Auxilium blockchain. When holding AUX on the wallet users receive up to 6.72% interest per annum, split in monthly payments. Everyone participates automatically and contributes to the charity fund!
Expected 6/6/2021: Check Coinmarketcal
Read Medium publication

WAUX BEP20 token.

Create Binance Smart Chain BEP20 token called Wrapped Auxilium (ticker: WAUX) to get listed on PancakeSwap.
Announcement listing date: week 23 2021

WAUX <> AUX swap platform.

Binance Smart Chain BEP20 token WAUX is representing AUX on the Binance Smart Chain. On the swap platform people can swap their WAUX for AUX and vice versa. This way everyone has access to liquidity on centralized and decentralized (BSC in this case) exchanges (W)AUX is listed on. Additionally people can trade WAUX for AUX to ensure their 6.72% annual reward on the Auxilium blockchain. The swap ratio is 1:1.
Needs to be finished before we list on Pancakeswap

AUXL token.

Creation of Auxilium Loyalty Token which will be used on the future Auxilium Loyalty Platform. This element of our ecosystem is a longterm vision. Token creation will happen far before the creation of the platform as it will be utilized as a community growth tool. All AUX holders will receive a minimum of 1 AUXL for every 1 AUX they hold.
This will be the first token created on the Auxilium blockchain.


AUXL airdrop distribution.

In 2020 we’ve held a big AUXL airdrop. Distribution plan contains a 30-day period in which people can add missing information to their airdrop, like an AUX address. Additionally we’ll check all submissions, and reward the top referrers for their efforts.
Distribution plan of AUXL airdrop will be kicked-off after launch mobile wallet


AUX interest distribution.

Our one of a kind AID platform distributes Auxilium interest on a monthly basis. No need for staking or mining; offline rewards up to 6.72% per annum.
Expected every month, view example on Coinmarketcal


Exchange connection optimization.

The Auxilium network works a little different to most traditional cryptocurrency networks. We’re figuring out a way to minimize problems with listed exchanges to minimize risk of outage resulting in closing withdrawals/deposits.