Our roadmap

We endeavour to keep the community as up to date and in the loop as possible. Many ideas, plans and future projects are in the works and as each takes shape, we will bring them forward for discussion and refinement.

We believe Auxilium, and by proxy, Auxilium Global, has an incredibly bright and fresh future ahead, with no end of possibilities.

How much good can be achieved? Just wait and see…

Q4 2018

0% Desktop wallets
Improving desktop wallets connectivity for all users.
0% List on exchange
List on at least one more exchange.
0% Promotions
Host at least 10 promotions (e.g. give-aways, airdrops) with combined worth of 5 million AUX
0% Monthly interest
Distribute interest to all private wallet addresses on the 1st October, 1st November and 1st December.
0% Charity fund
Engage community in decisions charity donations and finally donate to three charities in December.
0% Whitepaper
Finish and publish whitepaper.
0% CMC listing
List on CoinMarketCap and overview website like CryptoCompare with CMC listing requirement.
0% Browser Plug-in
After desktop wallet connectivity upgrade finish and launch Auxilium browser plug-in wallet.
0% 100% green
Zero carbon footprint. Plant 1000 trees across the world to offset our minimal carbon footprint.

Q1 2019

Will be announced 15th October 2018 at latest.