Roadmap Auxilium

We endeavour to keep the community as up to date and in the loop as possible through this roadmap page. Many ideas, plans and future projects are in the works and as each takes shape, we will bring them forward for discussion and refinement. We distinguish active development, short term goals and future goals. When completed and launch dates are available we’ll publish them. We believe Auxilium, and by proxy, Auxilium Global, has an incredibly bright and fresh future ahead, with no end of possibilities.


We’re currently working – together with our blockchain partner Applicature – to seek equity investors for Auxilium Global. We’ve had contact with several top cryptocurrency exchanges that would love to list us; for the right price. Auxilium Global never conducted an ICO – or any other funding round – for Auxilium cryptocurrency. Therefore we’re trying to get listed on one or more equity investors platforms to raise funds. We’re also in communication with an interested investment party who wants to partner with us which also will lead to a financial injection. With the coronacrisis – and these processes taking long anyways – we’re aiming at the end of 2020 for a positive result on the financial side of things. Once capital is available, we’ll get listed on a major cryptocurrency exchange and hold an IEO to fund further development. Hopefully – at that time – we’ll see a fast increase in price of AUX cryptocurrency and volume. We’re very positive this will happen and that Auxilium Global and Auxilium cryptocurrency can grow to their full potential. Untill then – with the uncertainty of the financial injection timeframe – we’ll hold off on posting a roadmap linked to dates. Instead we’ll update you on active and finished developments below. We advise everyone interested to follow our frequent updates on our social channels.