With blockchain,

the sky’s the limit

Everyone has a dream, and dreams require money. Our dream is to be able to support the causes that are close to our hearts (and our community). With blockchain and a strongly valued cryptocurrency, we’ll be able to fund those dreams.

Auxilium has already set aside funds for charity and we’ll add to those funds as the value of our cryptocurrency grows. Our coinholders make contributions too: from your 8% interest

distribution, 0.64% is allocated to a charity fund and 0.64% is for research and development. With our blockchain, philanthropy doesn’t have to be just about giving money. Our code base allows us to build smart contracts, pieces of code that define agreements and self-execute if both sides meet the terms. We see immediate applications in fair trade agreements.

We’re eager to get started and we’re planning two initial philanthropy projects:


Partnership with One Tree Planted.

Auxilium’s unique technology uses a fraction of the power used by traditional blockchain mining technology, but as a company and as individuals, we’re still using power. Each year, we’ll offset our carbon footprint by partnering with One Tree Planted to plant trees around the world. You’ll be able to track our ratio of trees planted to servers run through a live statistics page.

Crowd-funding website

While we admire the good things Go Fund Me does to help support people in need, it’s still a for-profit venture. We’d like to give people an alternative. Auxilium’s crowd-funding site would be not-for-profit, which means the fees earned from users starting campaigns and supporters making pledges would go towards our charity fund.