In all its forms, conservation is becoming more important and more widely accepted across the globe. As we evolve and as new data becomes available, we’re seeing with greater clarity than ever, the depth and breadth of impact we humans have had and continue to have on the environment and all of the species we share this planet with.

Our combined consumerism is not only negatively impacting, but actually threatening, our very survival.

Hundreds of species of plants and animals are becoming endangered or extinct each year and while that may not interest you much, it will certainly interest your children or their children, your future generations, your family.

Without a doubt and regardless of what the sceptics may say, life for the majority will become increasingly difficult, if not impossible in certain cases if, we don’t all jointly pull together and curb our desire to consume everything in our path and find completely sustainable ways to live.

We need to take greater responsibility for our actions, to grow up and be more adult about the decisions we make. We need to be more mindful of the impact and devastation one choice can have, over another.

Human beings are capable of banding together as one through tough times, of helping someone in need. We’re also very skilled though, at leaving things until the eleventh hour, or until it’s too late.

As well as focusing on environmental conservation in all its forms, Auxilium plans to operate with a zero environmental footprint or better.

Our network is currently the most environmentally friendly network due to our PoA (Proof of Authority) engine. Our rewards platform, AID (Auxilium Interest Distribution) is independent of the coin holder’s wallet and so there is no need to leave your computer on for the sake of a running wallet, unless transacting.

As we grow and strengthen, we plan to completely offset the environmental impact of running our network and organisation with renewable and environmentally responsible resources and methods.