Not to put too fine a point on it, but the divide between the wealthy and poor continues to widen in many countries and with such imbalance, comes much suffering and needless sickness and death.

Once again, because people are so consumed by consumerism and the desire to have the latest and greatest, we’re losing or have lost sight of all those who struggle just to survive. There are millions of people and animals dying as you read this text. Dying because they have no food to eat, or because they have no access to basic medical supplies.

You don’t need much logic to deduce that if more people who have, helped those who have not, we’d all have a greater chance to enjoy life or at least, not to lose it, prematurely.

Many people will argue that they themselves are struggling to survive or that they’ve worked hard to earn their money and so why should they give it away.

The saying, ‘Charity begins at home’ relates to helping one’s own family and friends first, and that’s all well and good but once you’ve accomplished that, why not look to help the families of others?

Look at it from another perspective, would you appreciate it if you were to find yourself in a situation where you’re in need of food, basic medical supplies or something more serious such as an organ transplant or medical procedure that will cost more money than you have and can get, would you appreciate it if a friend, neighbour or stranger stepped in and covered the costs?

How much would you appreciate it? Think about it!

People think that looking after ‘me’ will save themselves and their family, when actually, it’s this sort of thinking that is eroding any chance we have of saving everything and everyone.

To do our part, we have built the Auxilium network, a blockchain based solely around the concept of helping people, animals, the environment and other organisations that are also dedicated to helping others.

We have also decided that 8% of the 8% interest earned annually by each AUX holder, is to be donated to charities and other needy individuals on a case by case basis. This way, everyone who holds AUX, directly contributes to charity.