Martino Mansoldo

Team member

Martino has many years of experience with programming and web development. He is familiar with Java, C, Haskell, Ruby as well as JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Experience with working in teams on different projects. Martino is currently completing a Computer Science degree and developing part-time and has an huge interest in blockchain and the new paradigm that are cryptocurrencies, as well as AI, Neural Networks and Machine Learning.

He works hard and constantly strives to fulfill his potential. Martino enjoys learning and working on challenging projects. He is outgoing and can work in teams.

Martino enjoys programming and music as hobbies. He likes travelling a lot and also to play sports. He has been a big football (soccer) fan for a very long time.

Why I’m a Auxilium Team Member
Cryptocurrencies are revolutionary in that they are decentralised systems, and transfer power back to the people. In the Auxilium movement, I saw a great opportunity to use this new paradigm to benefit a large number of people in many different ways, as opposed to just the individual.


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