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Auxilium (AUX) cryptocurrency can be bought on multiple exchanges, including Mercatox, which is are online marketplaces where buyers and sellers of coins and tokens come together to trade.

As with most cryptocurrencies, AUX is traded against Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). These coins are the two highest ranked coins based on marketcap (total value).

If you’ve never invested into cryptocurrency before, there are several steps you’ll need to take before you can buy Auxilium coins (AUX).

A brief overview is as follows: you’ll need to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum with your fiat currency and then send the Bitcoin or Ethereum to your Mercatox wallet, the exchange we’re listed on, and then you’re able to trade your Bitcoin or Ethereum for Auxilium. We’ll try to explain the steps below.

Setting up accounts

You’ll need to set up two accounts, one on Mercatox and another on a platform such as Coinbase, which is a platform where you can buy Bitcoin and Ethereum for cash (fiat currency).

Platforms such as CoinBase usually require that you verify your identity by providing them with copies of your driver’s license, passport, etc, but once that’s done, you’re free to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum at will.

Once you have accounts with Mercatox and Coinbase (or similar), you’ll need to buy either Bitcoin or Ethereum on Coinbase (or similar). Done that? Congratulations, you’re now a cryptocurrency investor.

The next step is: Send your Bitcoin or Ethereum from your Coinbase (or similar) account, to your Mercatox account and then buy Auxilium (AUX) with the Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Buying Auxilium (AUX)

Hang in there, we’re almost done. Next you need to copy your Mercatox Bitcoin or Ethereum address which can be obtained under the ‘wallet’ menu heading on Mercatox.

Then, from within your Coinbase account, ‘withdraw’ your Bitcoin or Ethereum to the address you obtained from your Mercatox account, specify the amount you wish to withdraw and execute the transaction.

Once you’ve received your Bitcoin or Ethereum into your Mercatox wallet address, you’re ready to buy Auxilium (AUX) coins.

OK, here we go! If you initially bought Bitcoin, go here AUX/BTC,or if you bought Ethereum, go here AUX/ETH.  The page is split into two, buying and selling. Buy however many AUX you wish to buy and then, welcome to the community!

Lastly, if you’re not planning to trade regularly, we’d suggest you send your Auxilium (AUX) coins to your own personal wallet, installed on your own computer, so that you’re able to receive the monthy interest¬†(AID) on your holdings.

For in depth assistance, please visit our forum where one of our team or a friendly community member can assist further.

Earning Interest

Holding your AUX cryptocurrency on a personal wallet is more secure than keeping it on an exchange. Downloading and installing a personal Auxilium wallet is relatively easy.

Besides additional security everyone with AUX coins on a personal address gets rewarded with a monthly interest. The Auxilium Interest Distribution Platform makes it possible to earn interest without keeping your pc on.