Getting started with Auxilium

Using AUX is easy and borderless

  • Inform yourself

    Auxilium is likely different than what you know and use on a daily basis. Before you start using Auxilium, or any other cryptocurrency for that matter, we advise you to do some research first in order to use it securely and to avoid making common mistakes.

  • Choose your wallet

    Free Auxilium desktop wallets, for all major operating systems, are available for all. These are great to safely store your coins and have full control over your wallet. Another big plus is that you can earn up to 8% interest annually by holding your coins in the desktop wallet.

  • Get Auxilium

    There are several ways you can get Auxilium. Like joining an airdrop. Although, the most common way is to buy your coins on a cryptocurrency exchange on which Auxilium is listed. You can trade Auxilium for Bitcoin or Ethereum on an exchange of choice.