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Auxilium FAQ

We hope you can find the answer to your question below. We’ve created a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) from the Auxilium community about our AUX coin and platform and our philanthropic cryptocurrency company.

If you can’t find the answer(s) below or you have a support question concerning one of the wallets please find us at forum support.

Auxilium is a coin. Within cryptocurrency there are coins and tokens. Coins have an independent blockchain and network, and don’t rely on another platform like for instance Ethereum ERC20 tokens. This means Auxilium also has its own blockchain and network.

Smart contract creation will be possible on the Auxilium blockchain soon. It’s not fully integrated in our wallet yet.

Yes. You can hold your AUX coins in the desktop wallet. We offer desktop wallets for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

DApp creation will be available soon. It will be possible to create decentralised applications on the Auxilium blockchain.

No. The Auxilium Global Team did not conduct an ICO for the launch of AUX cryptocurrency.

Auxilium was listed for the first time on the 18th of August 2018 on Mercatox Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchange.

Not per se. It’s not limited to charity. Auxilium is the coin and platform of philanthropic cryptocurrency company Auxilium Global. Auxilium Global aims to utilise blockchain technology to support and create philanthropic projects. Helping humans, animals and the environment around the globe is a goal that is also supported by for-profit projects. Read about other advantages of Auxilium’s technology.

We try to update our roadmap as often as possible. The roadmap will give insight in the general timeline and certain specific quarterly goals.

Yes. Everyone holding Auxilium on a personal address (an AUX wallet address, not an exchange address) will receive a fixed percentage of interest thanks to our Auxilium Interest Distribution Platform.

No. Thanks to the Auxilium Proof of Authority blocks are created by the Auxilium network. This makes mining and staking unnecessary. Users holding AUX on their personal AUX address (in the wallet, not on the exchange) receive a monthly interest adding up to 8% per annum.

Every AUX-holder holding Auxilium on a personal address; in an AUX wallet contributes to the community charity fund. Every month 0.053% of all AUX in personal wallets is added to the charity fund. Every quarter the community decides on three charities they want to support.

Yes. This was necessary because of our Auxilium Proof of Authority consensus. This consensus does not create blocks by mining or staking. To offer rewards to our users we premined coins to make this possible through the Auxilium Interest Distribution Platform. 300 million coins were premined, which directly makes this the hard capped maximum supply.

Probably the #1 question for all cryptocurrencies. First of all we’re working to build a strong fundament for our philanthropic cryptocurrency company. Of course it will be great to list on Binance or a similar big cryptocurrency exchange, but this takes time and effort (and resources, as listings can cost up to $1 million USD).

Great you want to help Auxilium. All team members, advisors and partners work as volunteers. Send an e-mail using the contact form.

No (not at this moment).

Auxilium can be bought and sold on different exchanges. We have a page with information about investing in AUX.