Auxilium Global ecosystem

Auxilium isn’t just about sending money or about giving money to charities. AUX has many features and opens many new doors for profit and not-for-profit business(es). Everyone has a dream, and dreams require money. Our dream is to be able to support the causes that are close to our hearts (and our community). With a strong company, (blockchain) ecosystem and a strongly valued cryptocurrency, we’ll be able to fund those dreams.

Business development

Our technology is ideal for companies who want to create a more fraud resistant, (cost-)efficiënt, automated and sustainable business with borderless and trustworthy payments.

  • Secure, fast, low-fee payments
  • Smart contracts
  • Customized utility tokens

Not-for-profit initiatives

We donate to charities. Furthermore we develop not-for-profit necessary solutions and assist not-for-profit causes with our blockchain technology. Some practical examples include:

  • Fair trade applications
  • A crowdfunding platform
  • Banking the unbanked

For-profit initiatives

Auxilium Global is run like any healthy business. In order to promote philanthropy we need to make sure our own business is financially healthy first (ergo strong value AUX coin).

  • Token offerings
  • Business integrations
  • Profitable use cases

Development roadmap

Specific projects we’re working on (in the future) and the technology that will support it.

Ecosystem overview

Live product.

We have our own independent network and blockchain including offline and online wallets for the users convenience.

AID Platform.

Platform offering truly fair monthly rewards, adding up to 8% interest per annum, which doesn’t require mining or staking.


Our own blockchain explorer tracking transactions of AUX cryptocurrency and future tokens on the AUX blockchain.

Token platform.

Developers and non-developers can easily create their own tokens on the Auxilium blockchain for their ICO, business, or personal use.

Smart contracts.

Our blockchain offers smart contracts which opens limitless business opportunities. From new ideas to upgrading existing structures.


Smart contracts ensuring safe, transparent and fair payments. A (cost-)efficient process, maximizing benefits for the crowdfunding party.


A borderless education platform that will make it easier for people to access learning materials, follow courses, find a teacher, etc.


Every AUX holder who receives interest through the AID platform has a vote who we support through the charity fund.


Auxilium Global has for example partnered with renowned blockchain agency Applicature. Partnerships strengthen our ecosystem.