PLEASE NOTE: The wallet downloads will not be publicly available until after the completion of the community-based, TestNet trial.

See below link, for more details regarding the TestNet trial.

Upon completion of the community-based trials using the TestNet, we will have three versions of the wallet available, Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Once you have downloaded and installed the wallet, you are able to create a new account address, secure it with a password and then transfer any AUX you hold, to the address within your wallet.

You are then able to engage staking from within the Develop Menu, while you have the wallet running.


The staking reward adds up to 8% on average per annum; split into smaller daily rewards. This 8% is divided in 84% for the person staking, 8% then goes to charity and 8% goes towards research and development.


Auxilium Windows Wallet Downloads


Auxilium Linux Wallet Downloads


Auxilium Mac Wallet Downloads