Community Fundraiser

One community. One goal.
Top exchange listing for AUX coin.

Why a community fundraiser?

If you’ve been with Auxilium Global for a while and/or have been holding the native coin Auxilium (AUX) you know the Auxilium blockchain and cryptocurrency has a lot of advantages over tradition PoW and PoS cryptocurrencies. However, strong fundamentals don’t automatically result in an exchange listing on a top cryptocurrency exchange. Most exchanges charge large fees to get listed. That’s why we’re holding this community fundraiser.



Coins Sold

10 million AUX for 0.03 USD per AUX

Why make 10 million coins available for 0.03 USD each? 10 million times 0.03 USD equals 300,000 USD which equals the total fee (including legal documents) for listing on Bittrex. We’re aiming on a Bittrex listing as it has a great reputation, huge user base, real trading volume and a lot of liquidity. Additionally, many other platforms like mobile wallets and fiat/crypto exchanges rely on Bittrex as their partner. Meaning it will be possible for Auxilium to apply for multi-coin wallet listings and fiat/crypto exchanges making AUX available for millions of extra investors.

Leveraging crypto to reach the goal sooner

Every penny invested by the community through the community fundraiser goes into the Auxilium Investment Fund. This fund consists of several cryptocurrency investments with the goal to leverage the cryptocurrency bull market to achieve our top exchange listing target even sooner. It’s very likely many top ranked cryptocurrency projects will see significant price increases over the next year. Leveraging this likely event will give us the opportunity to reach our top exchange listing target even sooner, without having to wait until all 10 million AUX are sold.

0 USD value Investment Fund


Questions and answers

Why buy at the community fundraiser?

The community fundraiser is interesting for everyone who wants Auxilium coin to get listed on a big exchange and reach new highs. It’s a community effort that, once successful, will benefit everyone holding AUX. It might be interesting for some to sell AUX for a few cents, but we’re aiming for at least a 1 USD AUX in the near future (i.e. next bull run climax). A top exchange listing will be necessary to reach these price levels.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of AUX that I need to buy?

No. You can buy 1 AUX or 10 million AUX and everything in between.

What happens if the exchange price is lower than the community fundraiser price?

The AUX price of the 10 million AUX reserved for the community fundraiser will remain the ETH equivalent of 0,03 USD per AUX. It’s possible that AUX has a higher or lower price on the exchange during the fundraiser as markets are not stable. However, we’ll not adjust the AUX price during the community fundraiser. This is fair for everyone buying through the fundraiser and it’s important in order to reach our goal.

When do I receive my AUX?

Your AUX will be transferred directly after your ETH payment is received.

Is it safe to buy AUX through the community fundraiser?

Absolutely. The system is very safe. You receive a unique ETH address which will be linked to your personal AUX address. Simply follow the steps provided.

Will I receive AUXL tokens if I buy AUX during the community fundraiser?

Yes. If you hold your AUX coins in your desktop wallet before the 1st of November 2020 you’ll receive one AUXL token for each AUX you hold (minimum of 1,000 AUX required).

Will Auxilium certainly list on Bittrex?

If we reach the 300,000 USD goal we’ll apply for listing on Bittrex via our contacts. In the best scenario we’ll succeed immediately. If not we have multiple other good options that fit our financial goal. We will list on a top cryptocurrency exchange once we reach the 300,000 USD goal.

When Binance?

A popular question. It’s uncertain what the listing fee of Binance is, some speculate on 1,000,000 USD. While Binance is the biggest crypto currency exchange we’ll probably need to prove ourselves on another big exchange first. Bittrex would be an amazing listing. We’ll certainly try to get listed on Binance once possible.

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