Charity fund AUX

When we created our cryptocurrency Auxilium (AUX) we built the Auxilium Interest Distribution (AID) platform. We then allocated 80 million AUX coins – of the total supply of 300 million AUX – to the AID platform for the purpose of distributing interest to AUX coin holders. The AID platform pays all our coin holders up to 8% interest per annum just for holding coins. From that 8%, coin holders give back: 0.64% goes to our charity fund for philanthropic projects and 0.64% goes to Auxilium research and development for for-profit use case development.

Coming in 2021

The charity voting, sharing and reward system will be launched in 2021. In the meanwhile an impression of how it will work.

AUX in the Charity Fund

The approximate amount of Auxilium coins that will be available in the Charity Fund at the time of the first donation round will be 3 million AUX. Of this 3 million AUX we’ll make 1 million AUX available to divide amongst the three first charities in 2021. We’ll make sure to list the actual live balance of the Charity Fund here soon.


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