Comparing Auxilium

Auxilium versus other cryptocurrencies

Auxilium outperforms many others

We take the development of AUX very seriously. In our opinion the focus should always be on our own strong business and technical fundamentals.

AUX is more secure, fast, cost-efficient, easily scalable, user- and environmentally friendly (CO2-neutral) than many other coins and tokens. Additionally it’s the only cryptocurrency that offers its holders guaranteed monthly rewards and contributes to charities.

At the same time we try to inform cryptocurrency enthusiasts as good as possible. Cryptocurrency – and more specific blockchain technology – is a new and complex technology which requires a lot of research to properly understand what different coins and tokens offer.

We can imagine researching this can be overwhelming. This is why we try to deliver clear and easy to comprehend information about AUX. But also objectively compare AUX to other cryptocurrencies to guide you in your research.

Comparison index


Security 51% attacks


Low fees




Complexity for user

Guaranteed rewards

Smart contracts

Token creation

Independent network

Maximum supply


Auxilium (AUX)

AUX Proof of Authority

Most secure

Easily scalable

0.00000018 AUX

Carbon neutral

Fast transactions

More centralised

Least complex for user






Low supply

Auxilium price comparison

Every cryptocurrency has it’s own history and development path. Past achievements and future potential might not always be fully projected in the price per coin or token (yet). Rome is not built in one day. The same can be said for cryptocurrency companies.

Price normally evolves over time. The best investments – from a ROI (return of investment) perspective – are those in relatively young projects with strong business and technical fundamentals.

The evolvement of the price of a coin or token depends on many factors. Most important are the business and technical fundamentals which in case of Auxilium Global and cryptocurrency AUX are of a high standard.

But also other factors like community size and exchange listings, that mostly depend on maturity/age of a cryptocurrency, highly influence the price (mostly positive).

First listing: August 2018

AUX Proof of Authority

Independent coin

All functionality of Ethereum

AID platform

Not listed on major exchange yet

Not experienced a bull market yet

Use cases on paper

First listing: October 2014

Proof of Work

Independent coin

All functionality of Ethereum


Listed on a major exchange

Experienced a bull market

No active use cases

First listing: July 2017

Proof of Work

Dependent token

ERC-20 functionality


Listed on major exchange

Experienced a bull market

Active use case