Comparing Auxilium

Auxilium versus other cryptocurrencies

AUX outperforms many other coins and tokens

We take the development of AUX very seriously. In our opinion the focus should always be on our own strong business and technical fundamentals.

We can objectively state that AUX is secure, fast, cost-efficient, easily scalable, user- and environmentally friendly (CO2-neutral) than many other coins and tokens. Additionally it’s the only cryptocurrency that offers its holders guaranteed monthly rewards and contributes to charities. AUX outperforms many traditional Proof of Work and Proof of Stake cryptocurrencies.

Additionally we try to inform cryptocurrency enthusiasts as good as possible. Cryptocurrency – and more specific blockchain technology – is a new and complex technology which requires a lot of research to properly understand what different coins and tokens offer.

We can imagine researching this can be overwhelming. This is why we try to deliver clear and easy to comprehend information about AUX. But also objectively compare AUX to other cryptocurrencies to guide you in your research.

Comparing characteristics

Comparing Auxilium with AUX Proof of Authority to traditional cryptocurrencies using Proof of Work and/or Proof of Stake consensus. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but overall Auxilium PoA outperforms traditional PoW and PoS. See for yourself!

 Security 51% attacks

Most secure
PoW Least secure
PoS More secure


Easily scalable
PoW Harder to scale
PoS Less hard to scale

Low fees

0.00000018 AUX
PoW Higher fees
PoS Lower fees


Carbon neutral
PoW Most energy usage
PoS Less energy usage

Transaction speed

Second(s) per tx
PoW Least fast
PoS Faster


Less decentralised
PoW Less decentralised
PoS Most decentralised

User friendly

Least complex
PoW Most complex
PoS Less complex

Guaranteed rewards

8% per annum
PoW No
PoS No

Smart contracts

Smart contract platform
PoW Possible
PoS Possible

Token platform

Token platform
PoW Possible, majority not
PoS Possible, majority not

Independent network

Independent network
PoW Possible, mostly not
PoS Possible, mostly not


Low maximum supply
PoW Possible
PoS Possible

Marketcap (USD)