Why choose Auxilium?

The Auxilium Proof of Authority blockchain and network has many advantages over traditional coins and tokens that mostly use the more limited Proof of Work and Proof of Stake consensus. Auxilium is one of very few cryptocurrencies who focus on both technological evolution as socio-economical involvement and usability. Major factors for mass adoption.


Auxilium’s unique block validation system makes it highly unlikely to fall victim to 51% attacks. The Auxilium network provides users with protection against most common types of fraud. Also users can backup or encrypt their wallets, allowing users to have complete control over their money.


Our technology revolutionises the way blockchains are formed. As we grow, so will our computer network. This means it’s less likely Auxilium will have scalability issues.


Auxilium Proof of Authority does not rely on (the speed of) a third party network or users to maintain the network. Auxiliums network is faster than many as transactions are near to instant.


An Auxilium transaction is much cheaper (≥ 0.000000018 AUX) than many alternatives.


Auxilium coin holders receive 8% interest every year via the AID platform. To be precise, it’s 6.72%. The extra 1.28% is split between charity and research and development evenly. This without increasing the maximum supply which remains capped at 300 million AUX.


Because we don’t mine or stake Auxilium uses as much energy as a stovetop hotplate. Besides that Auxilium plants forests every year to make up for the minimal carbon footprint making Auxilium the most environmentally friendly cryptocurrency.

Globally accessible.

Auxilium makes payments borderless and banks the unbanked. Auxilium allows all individuals, businesses and banks to securely send and receive payments anywhere at any time.

Limited supply.

Auxilium has a transparent circulating-, total and maximum supply that can be viewed on our blockexplorer. The supply of 300 million coins is low and the cap on this supply will protect Auxilium from hyperinflation.

Independent platform.

Auxilium is a coin with an independent blockchain and network. Auxilium has a unique cryptocurrency that does not rely on a third party and as shown has many advantages over traditional cryptocurrencies. Our platform also allows smart contract creation and creating Auxilium tokens.