About Auxilium Global

The philanthropic cryptocurrency company of Auxilium (AUX)

Auxilium Global in summary

We are Auxilium Global, a philanthropic cryptocurrency company with a goal to solve the world’s problems. It’s a big ask, but with the power of a strong cryptocurrency and a caring community of coinholders, we know we can make a difference.

Through the use of our capital gains, and blockchain, we’ll support, promote and direct philanthropic work around the globe.

Not only does Auxilium tackle technological challenges many cryptocurrencies face we also tackle socio-economic challenges,

Including, but not limited to:

1) Building for-profit businesses that feed profits back into Auxilium Global to help people and animals both directly and indirectly;

2) Building not-for-profit businesses that help people and animals both directly and indirectly, and

3) Provide funding, resources and mentoring to like-minded people interested in helping others through a business, co-op or as an individual.


Interesting facts

Strong socio-economic fundamentals

Zero-carbon footprint

Auxilium cryptocurrency doesn’t require mining or staking. It uses as little energy as a stovetop hotplate. Besides that Auxilium Global plants forests every year to make up for the minimal carbon footprint making Auxilium the most environmentally friendly cryptocurrency.

More advantages

Buying. Earning. Sharing.

Auxilium is unique in offering its holders truly fair monthly rewards through the AID platform independent of the holder’s computing skills, financial standing or ability to leave one or more computers on 24/7. Holding AUX earns you more AUX, and helps the charity fund grow.


Real-world use cases

With our blockchain sky’s the limit. Auxilium isn’t just about sending money or about giving money to charities. AUX has many features and opens many new doors for profit and not-for-profit business(es). Technologies are researched and turned into real world use cases.

Use cases

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Partner testimonial

  Our teams have been working together since September 2017 as a decent and well organized crew to launch Auxilium into the market. The Auxilium team had shown themselves as great professionals. Everyone would agree it takes perseverance and discipline to get through all the storms of crypto for such a long period of time. We’ve always beed inspired by AUX founders team and can highly speak of them!


Ian Ihor Pidruchny, founder and CEO Applicature blockchain agency