About Auxilium Global

The philanthropic cryptocurrency company of Auxilium (AUX)

Auxilium Global in summary

We are Auxilium Global, a philanthropic cryptocurrency company with a goal to tackle the world’s ills. It’s a big ask, but with the power of a strong cryptocurrency and a caring community of coinholders, we know we can make a difference.

Our cryptocurrency, Auxilium (AUX), trades on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.

We use our capital gains to support philanthropic work around the globe, whether it’s planting trees to offset our carbon footprint, piloting a program to help disadvantaged people get enough to eat or helping to fund research for a breast cancer cure.

Our technology revolutionises the way blockchains are formed by limiting control to a series of Auxilium Global-owned computers. As we grow, so will our computer network. That means better security and a vastly smaller carbon footprint.

It also means rewards for our coinholders: 8% each year. To be precise, it’s 6.72%. The extra 1.28% is split between charity and research and development evenly.

Furthermore Auxilium offers many technological advantages over other (traditional) cryptocurrencies. Auxilium is a coin and not a token which in this case means AUX has an independent blockchain and network that does not rely on another platform or third-party nodes/peers to keep the network up and running.

On top of everything it also allows us to build smart contracts, pieces of code that define agreements and self-execute if both sides meet the terms. And create our own tokens.

The Auxilium Proof of Authority consensus which is one of a kind offers, amongst other advantages, more security, speed, lower transaction fees, equality amongst users and is more environmentally friendly compared to the majority of coins and tokens.

With our unique blockchain, philanthropy doesn’t have to be just about giving money. Our code base revolutionizes the crypto space.