About Us

Auxilium Global was founded by a group of like-minded individuals from around the world, each with a interest in conservation, renewable resources and helping others. Coming together through cryptocurrency.


Our original intent was simply to operate a cryptocurrency within these guidelines, however as we began to discuss the opportunities and possibilities, we soon realised there was plenty of scope to expand our horizons and dream bigger.


We have since expanded our charter to include all forms of philanthropy, as well as education and awareness relating to each of these areas.


Our core goal is to affect real change in the world for the betterment of all people, animals and of course, the planet.

The difference between Auxilium and Auxilium Global

Auxilium Global is the parent organisation that founded the cryptocurrency, Auxilium.


Our team operates under the Auxilium Global banner. We manage and maintain Auxilium, and will continue to churn out new ideas and initiatives as we grow.

About Auxilium, our Cryptocurrency

Auxilium is based on the Ethereum code-base and is the first such currency to have launched with PoA (Proof of Authority) and the unique AID (Auxilium Interest Distribution) platform, rather than PoW or PoS.


We decided that as we’re all about conservation, we’d need to write a PoA implementation with AID platform into our code-base to back up our environmental and philanthropical position and standing.


As is the case with Ethereum, we have smart contracts, tokens and the ability for a developer to write dapps for use on the Auxilium blockchain.









Features Relating to Auxilium Cryptocurrency


With smart contracts, there are fewer obstacles in your path. You’re assured a smoother journey and intact payload, upon arrival at your destination.


Due to the nature of blockchain technology, your transactions and smart contracts are very safe and reside in a distributed ledger, not easily altered.


All transactions and smart contracts are duplicated across each of the nodes on the network. Your transactional history and contracts, are immutable.

Save Money

Using smart contracts, you’re able to interact directly with the intended recipient, rather than working through one or more intermediaries.


Smart contracts are not only faster, cheaper and immutable, but they also help minimise human error associated with manually filling out lots of forms.

Helping More People

Holding AUX can earn you up to 8% interest annually. Additionally, 8% of the 8% is automatically contributed to a charity fund, allocated in consultation with the community.

Our Core Team

Core Team


Anton holds a Master of Science in Education Pedagogy. Anton also owns multiple (online) businesses in The Netherlands as an education expert and director. In Anton’s roles, he communicates with all layers of society: children, parents, teachers, management, directors. People from different parts in The Netherlands, different nationalities and a variety of socio-economic status. From private lessons to large deals with organisations, Anton say he always find a way to create a strong relationship with the people he works with. Communication is key, always.


Anton is direct and ambitious. When passionate about a project he’ll always give everything he’s got. Creative entrepreneur with diverse skillset.


Anton has enjoyed judo for 21 years now. He’s a black belt and has been a volunteer judo teacher for 10 hours a week for the past 14 years. Anton also enjoys watching football and series; having a relaxing time with friends and family.


Why I’m a Auxilium Team member
Taking care of other humans and mother earth is the one thing people tend to forget in this 24 hour economy. People tend to forget that this world is not only for them as individuals but also for their children and many generations to come. Because of the lack of (social and environmental) investments a philanthropic green movement, in this case a cryptocurrency, is very much needed. I truely believe Auxilium is the future, already has an huge market to target which will only grow in the years to come due to increase in individualism and materialism. Let’s make a change for the better and give back to the world.

Core Team


James has worked in the IT industry for over twenty years and has held roles both as a Systems Administrator and as a web and app developer and more often than not, the two roles have overlapped.


James has written a number of web and non-web based apps to facilitate one project or another and has used his skill set to build a number of companies from the ground up.


James enjoys using PHP, Python, C++, C#, Linux and also designing and building core infrastructure and distributed networks.


Usually quite logical, optimistic, mostly diplomatic.


James enjoys wood working and electronics, when he can find the time.


Why I’m a Auxilium team member
I enjoy helping those less fortunate and believe sustainability is going to become more and more important into the future. I feel Auxilium is a fantastic way to provide help and support to those in need and to bring together, many like-minded people for a common cause.

Core Team


As well as being a core team member, Ihor is a partner at Applicature, a global blockchain development company that specialises in C++, Qt, Solidity and modern web, mobile and desktop technology stack.

Core Team


As well as being a core team member, Andrew is a partner at Applicature, a global blockchain development company that specialises in C++, Qt, Solidity and modern web, mobile and desktop technology stack.

Core Team


Olha is a blockchain developer.

8 years of experience in IT. Ability to quickly and easily become interested in new ideas has led her to working with different IT specializations. Among her most pronounced professional vectors are backend engineering, scientific research, game development and now blockchain development. Olha received a classic CS education in one of the best universities of Ukraine, completed Master’s degree in decision making and retains a strong interest in science working on her research in spare time.

Core Team


Miguel is a front-end developer with years of experience. Able to code in Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and C#. AI and blockchain technology enthusiast. Worked mostly on his own projects and built websites for different firms for free. Miguel takes part annually in a voluntarily charity organisation to Africa, specialised in helping children with any kind of disabilities and poor families.


Miguel enjoys working (truly). He considers himself an optimistic, calm person that really likes getting stuff done in time. Tries doing his absolute best when working. He tries learning something new everyday and keeps his brain in constant motion.


Loves playing football, cycling, running, composing/playing on the piano and coming up with new futuristic projects/concepts for changing the world for good. Mostly he enjoys programming and working (not lying).


Why I’m a Auxilium Team Member
Helping those in need has been always on my mind, and many of my written down project have been backing it up. When finding out that I would be able to do work on helping those in need with Auxilium I decided to join Auxilium.

Core Team


Arc has spent years writing in C++. Current and previous projects are related to AI, graphics, data acquisition, and mathematical modelling.

He had never read through the bitcoin code, nor compiled a wallet, but has started doing so. He spends his free time building Tesla devices.

Core Team


Martino has many years of experience with programming and web development. He is familiar with Java, C, Haskell, Ruby as well as JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Experience with working in teams on different projects. Martino is currently completing a Computer Science degree and developing part-time and has an huge interest in blockchain and the new paradigm that are cryptocurrencies, as well as AI, Neural Networks and Machine Learning.


He works hard and constantly strives to fulfill his potential. Martino enjoys learning and working on challenging projects. He is outgoing and can work in teams.


Martino enjoys programming and music as hobbies. He likes travelling a lot and also to play sports. He has been a big football (soccer) fan for a very long time.


Why I’m a Auxilium Team Member
Cryptocurrencies are revolutionary in that they are decentralised systems, and transfer power back to the people. In the Auxilium movement, I saw a great opportunity to use this new paradigm to benefit a large number of people in many different ways, as opposed to just the individual.