Wrapped Auxilium (ticker: WAUX) is a token created on another blockchain to represent Auxilium on decentralized exchanges associated with other blockchains. The first WAUX token is the BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain allowing access to for instance PancakeSwap. WAUX can at all times be swapped for AUX, and vice versa, against a swap ratio of 1 WAUX : 1 AUX.

[Always check the contract address associated with Auxilium; be aware of possible fake contracts!]

WAUX tokens

Binance Smart Chain.

WAUX BEP20 contract address: 0xb7b25bae2eeef9b1730c7f43a112294033c5fe2f

Listing on PancakeSwap expected in summer 2021 after launch mobile wallet, liquidity pool planning and proper marketing.


Ethereum blockchain.

Will be created in the future.


Cardano and other major blockchains.

Will be created in the future for other blockchains that have their own major decentralized exchange(s).